Track Of The Day: Miss Grit – ‘Dark Side Of The Party’

A genre-defying tune about feeling out of place in a room full of people, multi-instrumentalist Miss Grit has shared her latest single ‘Dark Side Of The Party’. Taken from her upcoming EP Impostor, which is set for release on 5th February, the Korean-American musician has crafted a sound that ricochets between atmospheric, angular and anthemic, hitting the musical sweet spot multiple times in just three and a half minutes.

“I’ve gone my whole life feeling really uncomfortable defining myself,” Miss Grit (aka Margaret Sohn) explains. “I realized that a lot of the time, I’m more comfortable with other people defining me and making up their mind about who I’m supposed to be.” Sohn wanted to shake up these feelings and address the racial impostor syndrome she felt as a half-Korean girl “trying to fit into the white space” of the Michigan suburbs where she grew up. To do this, she took on full production duties for Impostor, and the aptly named EP sees her masterfully deconstruct these feelings of self-doubt.

This is beautifully personified by the record’s first single ‘Dark Side Of The Party’. “I can’t tell hearts apart from spare parts” Sohn admits over striking guitar riffs and shifting melodies, her lyrics confidently exploring the feelings of discomfort she sings of. Her unexpected tempo changes give an edge to her emotional journey, making the single an authentic and exciting anthem for anyone who has struggled on their journey to self acceptance.

Listen to ‘Dark Side Of The Party’ below.


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Photo Credit: Natasha Willson

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