Track Preview: Chuck SJ – ‘Sink Your Teeth In’

Taken from their upcoming debut album Resist.Recharge.Revolt, set for release in 2021, DIY musician & multi-instrumentalist Chuck SJ has shared a preview of their new single ‘Sink Your Teeth In’. Full of atmospheric guitar riffs, sparse beats and glitchy electronics, the track is an industrial-tinged rumination on the forces that construct, influence and sometimes dismantle our ways of thinking.

Written whilst isolating in a cabin in the woods earlier this year, Chuck taught themselves how to use Logic Pro X and an AKAI MPK mini synth in order to create Resist.Recharge.Revolt. ‘Sink Your Teeth In’ is one of several tracks that show how Chuck’s reliance on solitude and their own musical intuition has given them the space to craft an intriguing exploration of “intimacy, dissociation and the way in which this dystopian digital era manipulates the psyche.”

You can listen to a snippet of ‘Sink Your Teeth In’ below, but make sure you’re following Chuck SJ on Spotify so you can hear the full track when it’s released next week…


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Artwork: Lisa Rose

Kate Crudgington

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