Track Of The Day: Flock Of Dimes – ‘Two’

Warm bubbling tones in a pool of instrumental excellence create a delicate scene in Jenn Wasner’s – aka Flock of Dimes’ – latest single. In anticipation of Head Of Roses, her upcoming album, she shares ‘Two‘ as a taste of her progressive pop universe.

With experimental sounds bursting throughout the entire production of the track, it is hard to pin down the genre-fluid creation Flock of Dimes has created with ‘Two’. Moments of modulated synth hold the rhythmic basis of a pop-anthem, yet its surrounding alternative production accents reflect an art-pop/indie influence. The exchange between these two elements is interwoven with an elegant grace at the hands of Flock of Dimes, resulting in a soothing treat for the ears. 

Within this enchanting soundscape, however, strong vocals do not take a backseat. As Wasner’s lyrics hold their own with a unique tonal power, they ooze shades of the subtle power of Florence Welch, flowing with a grounded weight that is both captivating and empowering all at once.

With a freeing story behind ‘Two’, Wasner has shared with us a piece of her heartbreak that fits into each of our own unique worlds with its chiming, emotion-rich power. If this latest offering is a candid of what’s to come in Head of Roses, we are certainly in for a fulfilling record.

‘Two’ is accompanied by a poignant artistically crafted new video, directed by Lola B Pierson and Cricket Arrison, which visually explores the layers of artifice that we wrap ourselves in to make it through the day. Watch here:

Head Of Roses, the upcoming record from Flock Of Dimes, is set for release 2nd April via Sub Pop. Pre-order here.

Jill Goyeau

Photo Credit: Graham Tolbert


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