LISTEN: Naoko Sakata – ‘Improvisation 3’

Gothenburg-based Japanese musician Naoko Sakata has now announced her new piano solo album Dancing Spirits, set for release next month via Pomperipossa Records, a Swedish label that has established itself as a beacon for avant-garde, drone, ambient and experimental music and is led by esteemed artist Anna Van Hausswolf. This will be Sakata’s second solo piano album and consists of seven free improvisations. It was recorded in August 2020 in Annedalskyrkan, a church in Gothenburg Sweden, and played on a Steinway grand piano.

Improvisation 3’ is the taster single from the album and is a glistening sign of things to come, being entirely free and spontaneous in character. It showcases Naoko’s innovative style, combining peace and chaos into sound. It begins with discordant, allegro piano keys signifying confusion, before becoming slower and more tranquil. It mellows out to an enchanting, light classical piece, becoming pastoral, gentle, and hymnal in turns. Oozing a graceful majesty as the twinkling keys flow, it builds to a perfectly soothing soundscape. 

Even if you might not usually listen to avant-garde piano pieces, here is your chance to open your ears and mind; let the pure expression of the music captivate you. A unique window to the world of Naoko Sakata and her intriguing interpretation of the meaning of art. A meaning that can only be heard, but not explained further.


Dancing Spirits will be released on 26th March via Pomperipossa Records. 

Fi Ni Aicead

Photo Credit: Gianluca Grasselli

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