PREMIERE: Priestess – ‘Shelter’

Originally formed in London by Kate Fleur Young, and with the added input of producers James Mottershead, Jack Drewry and Oli Kilpatrick, Priestess has now shared a spellbinding new single. 

Reflecting on the impact of deep, and sometimes destructive, love, ‘Shelter’ provides a soaring, ethereal soundscape. Propelled by glitchy beats and whirring hooks, a swirling haunting majesty flows alongside the deep, bewitching splendour of Young’s rich sensual vocals. Captivating the ears with its exquisite dark energy, it’s a soulful slice of introspective electro-pop, perfectly capturing the intoxicating feeling of being overwhelmed with emotion. A poignant sonic portrayal of “when love feels like a beautiful and dangerous storm”. 

Of the track, Priestess expands:

“‘Shelter’ was written about the golden rays of deep desire and infatuation. A love that feels so bright but can also take you to the darkest parts of yourself. It’s based in raw feelings that connect to the elemental energies of nature. Terrifying, beautiful and unpredictable.

Listen to ‘Shelter’, for the first time, here:


‘Shelter’ is out now.

Mari Lane

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