Track Of The Day: Hannah Rose Kessler – ‘Come Feel Me’

In a drudging industrial confession, raw honesty and emotive instrumentals convey Hannah Rose Kessler’s mystifying ‘Come Feel Me’ with intention. Released via Reckless Yes, this new single is Kessler’s musical debut since signing to the independent label, bringing an attitude of solitude and a nostalgic edge to contemporary experimental rock. 

Thick fuzz and a slow tempo create a heavy palette reminiscent of PJ Harvey’s grunge universe, as dreary tonal arrangements flow with intention. With Kessler’s pleasant voice floating over her cathartic melodies, ‘Come Feel Me’ embodies a duality between the lightness and darkness of isolation. 

Despite swirling lyrics confessing Kessler’s mundane loneliness and yearning for others, there is a strength emitted from the production of the track that reveals an unwavering resilience in Kessler’s disposition. It is clear that Kessler craves the presence of another, but has none the less gained an empowering self-knowledge from her time alone. 

Hannah Rose Kessler has invited us into an introvert’s complex that is revealing, sonically gothic and emotionally fascinating in ‘Come Feel Me’. It is with great intrigue that we wait to see further into Kessler’s world.

Of the track, Kessler expands:

I wrote this track while stuck in a very liminal period of my life. It’s about the desperate clawing for intimacy, validation and recognition you see in groups of unhappy people…


‘Come Feel Me’ is out now via Reckless Yes.

Jill Goyeau

Photo Credit: Stephen Garnett

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