Track Of The Day: Christine Sako – ‘Sediments’

Shimmering droplets of electronic chimes and personable percussion make for a reassuring comfort in San Diego-based Christine Sako’s ‘Sediments’. Beginning with a clean yet glossy guitar riff, delays tease of nostalgia the moment ‘Sediments’ dawns. A simple, satisfying drum beat enters effortlessly and carries on with a particular catchiness in its minimalistic demeanour.

Natural and feather-like vocals feel earnest as Sako shares a story that feels well steeped in. She explains directly – “It’s been a longtime coming around” – and her intimacy with her experience creates an emotion-driven and immersive listen. ‘Sediments’ are reminders of what we know to be comfortable and true, though in their absence there certainly is a loneliness that arises.

Indie-pop production is casted over the lush electro vocal in a sentimental way that feels naturally creative. And, whilst Sako has apparent influence sourced from a wide taste of genres both acoustic and electronic, she fuses them together with twinkling melodies to create something that is uniquely her own; both heartfelt and poignant. 

With a genuine disposition that emulates lyrically and sonically, Christine Sako displays an earnest knack for songwriting that is intriguing for her listeners. ‘Sediments’ is a stirring snapshot into her world that feels like an honest conversation with a friend.


Find out more about Christine Sako on her website or Facebook now.

Jill Goyeau

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