WATCH: Catgod – ‘I’m Dead’ / ‘Killer Whales’

Catgod is a folk-rock project led by Oxford-based sibling duo Robin Christensen-Marriott and Catherine Marriott. ‘I’m  Dead’ / ‘Killer Whales’ is a double A-side release, with both songs inspired by the sea, and taken from Born Again, the band’s upcoming new album.

I’m Dead’ introduces the theme of death and rebirth that is the basis for the forthcoming album. It is sung by Cat, and has an air of ’60s psychedelia, and swirling, ethereal guitars. The song is accompanied by a pastoral video made by band keyboard player Patrick Bolton, placing the band in their everyday and natural surroundings, perfectly capturing the theme –  the mystery of life and nature. An exquisite soundscape that’ll captivate both the eyes and ears with its glistening allure. 

Killer Whales’ is a dream-like, ambient piece sung by Robin, and inspired by his haunting dreams of swimming with those magnificent and terrifying creatures. With an enchanting flute intro by Cat, the strangeness and the atmospherics of the song will hook you from the start. ‘Killer Whales’ is accompanied by a live video that captures the twinkling majesty of the band perfectly. 

What I like about this band is that they are unafraid to mix genres, and the results are both surprising and mesmerising. Judging by these singles, there is much to look forward to from the upcoming album. Both tracks have a spring-time feel featuring beautiful vocal harmonies and multi-layered instrumental palettes which broaden the band’s sound, taking the listener to weird and wonderful places. 

Born Again, the new album from Catgod, is set for release this Spring.

Fi Ni Aicead

Photo Credit: Patrick Bolton

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