LISTEN: The Kobras – ‘Fuck Boy’

A lively guitar tune that takes down the contemptible behaviour of the men it’s named after, London-based duo The Kobras have shared their debut single ‘Fuck Boy’. Taken from their upcoming EP which is set for release in June, the track is a burst of playful cynicism designed to help listeners laugh at their painful memories of being messed around by men who don’t deserve their time.

Formed of Bulgarian-born vocalist Dessy Baeva and London-bord guitarist Harry Thacker, The Kobras started making music together in 2020 when the world began falling apart due to Covid-19. Inspired by the likes of Jimi Hendrix, Moon Duo, Gil Scott-Heron and The White Stripes, the duo blend punchy lyricism and infectious guitar riffs with their love of Bulgarian eastern mysticism and British stiff upper lip cynicism to create their energetic sounds, with ‘Fuck Boy’ providing the first dose of their tongue-in-cheek song-writing style.

“We wrote the lyrics to ‘Fuck Boy’ one evening after having a few drinks and talking about all the crazy dating experiences we’ve had in the past,” the band explain. “Some of them were absolutely comical, so we couldn’t help but write something satirical just for the fun of it. It started as a joke, but everyone we showed the song to seemed to love it and found it relevant for a certain period of their life. We recorded it with our friend Harry Chambers in his studio in Woolwich. We hope the listeners find the humorous side of the track and take the message that even if you’ve been played by someone there is still something to laugh about in the end.”

Listen to ‘Fuck Boy’ below.

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Photo Credit: Victoria Rodriguez

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