LISTEN: Alex Loveless – ‘Through 2 U’

A slow-burning, lo-fi offering full of hazy beats and brooding vocals, Hackney-based DIY electronic artist Alex Loveless has shared their latest single ‘Through 2 U’. Taken from their recent EP Phone Keys Wallet, released via Loveless’ own label Dirty Mind (named after their own club night inspired by the Prince record) the track is an intoxicating combination of smouldering alt-pop hooks and melancholy-tinged lyrics.

As with all tracks on Loveless’ EP Phone Keys Wallet, ‘Through 2 U’ was written, produced, mixed, mastered and performed entirely by Loveless. Their talent for crafting atmospheric, trippy electronic gems shines through on this latest single, which takes its musical cues from a diverse mix of material. From the shadowy sounds of Deftones and James Blake, to the lilting duelling flutes of Richard Wagner’s opera Tristan und Isolde, Loveless has filtered these elements into their own heady, alternative soundscape.

Listen to ‘Through 2 U’ below.


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Kate Crudgington

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