Track Of The Day: Bait Bag – ‘The Pattern’

A lo-fi, woozy tune about star signs, destiny and finding joy in the unknown, Maine-based trio Bait Bag have shared their latest single ‘The Pattern’. Released on 26th March to coincide with the appearance of the Worm Moon – which is thought to mark the arrival of spring – the track is “a little wink and a nod” to those who find comfort in the power of the cosmos.

Formed in the summer of 2018 by North Haven Island-based pals Fiona Robins, Claire Donnelly and Courtney Naliboff, Bait Bag are inspired by the sounds of Sleater-Kinney, Blondie and Le Tigre. Driven by a collective desire to escape the constant flow of bad news, the band blend playful lyrics with raucous, dancing beats to create bright moments of catharsis, but on their new single ‘The Pattern’, they’ve taken a leap into psychedelic territory. 

“Whether you start your day with Chani Nichols, or can’t tell a Pisces from a pescatarian, this song provides a fun dance break and the opportunity to tell yourself, ‘I’m fine’ (even if you aren’t)” the band explain about the track. Full of wah-guitar, farfisa and soft layered vocals, ‘The Pattern’ is a buoyant trip through astrology and a charming distraction for those who would rather let these thoughts float over their head.

Listen to ‘The Pattern’ below.


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