WATCH: Roxanne de Bastion – ‘Molecules’

Having just announced the her upcoming second album, due for release in September, London based artist Roxanne de Bastion has now shared a bewitching new video for latest single ‘Molecules’.

This newest slice of dark pop from Roxanne de Bastion, ‘Molecules’ is a philosophically searching hit, tinged with perfectly dramatic late ’60s influences. The track twists around moody, gothic melodies, until the beautiful clarity of de Bastion’s vocals cut through the eerie strings and grunge-infused feedback as it builds to a stormy crescendo. The lyrics speak of seeking spirituality in the everyday, as Roxanne explains, “What if we got it wrong? If there is such a thing as divinity, maybe it’s more on a modular level.”

‘Molecules’ is electrifying and evocative, toying with vintage sensibilities and dragging them firmly into the contemporary, and stationing Roxanne de Bastion as a remarkable performer and sonic force to be reckoned with.

Produced by Bernard Butler, the upcoming album is sure to sound similarly massive, as well as inventive; the track’s powering drum sounds are in fact clapping and hitting tambourines and floor toms in Bernard’s living room. 

Watch the White Stripes-inspired new video for ‘Molecules’ here:

You & Me, We Are The Same, the upcoming new album from Roxanne de Bastion, is set for release 3rd September via ROM.

Leonie Bellini

Photo Credit: Amanda Rose

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