WATCH: Colleen Green – ‘I Wanna Be A Dog’

Witty metamorphosis collides with anthemic nostalgia to take us for a drive in the sunshine in Colleen Green’s new track ‘I Wanna Be A Dog‘. In anticipation of her upcoming record, Cool, Green gives us a taste of her evolution since her previous releases, in both personal and musical disclosures.

‘I Wanna Be A Dog’ is a humour-filled track pivoted at the tropes and complexities of the human experience. What a paradise a dog’s life seems when life becomes puzzling, the playful track reflects. However, Green is self aware even in her fantasies; she is unafraid to include herself as accountable for her own complexities as she unravels that she’s “still getting pulled back by my own leash, that I put on myself repeatedly.” Green makes the debacle of getting in
your own way a relatable obstacle and one that manifests in its own unique character as she reveals her habits of overthinking and lethargy.

With buoyant vocals, driving guitars and an uplifting groove, ‘I Wanna Be A Dog’ carries an early 2000s pop-rock disposition that characterises an endearing, nostalgic warmth. The vocals remain both confident and nonchalant throughout the whole track, perpetually conveying a lo-fi attitude and a punk demeanour. Colleen Green hosts an escape to another life, or a previous one, in her feel-good, sing-along anthem, ‘I Wanna Be A Dog’.

Directed by Steele O’ Neal, watch the new video for ‘I Wanna Be A Dog’ here:

Cool, the upcoming album from Colleen Green, is set for release on 10th September via Hardly Art. Pre-order here and check out Colleen Green’s Patreon page here.

Jill Goyeau

Photo Credit: Jason MacDonald

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