Track Of The Day: Lala Lala – ‘Diver’

Following previous albums Sleepyhead and 2018’s The Lamb, Chicago-based artist Lillie West – aka Lala Lala – has now announced the release of a brand new LP, I Want The Door To Open. Set for release in October, the collection offers an epic sonic exploration of persona and presence; a subtle insight into an artist’s quest to fully be themselves in a world full of barriers.

Epitomising the album’s themes of self-discovery and growth, first single ‘Diver‘ flows with a shimmering haze and magnetising allure. Oozing Lala Lala’s trademark dreamy, lo-fi scuzz, it builds with a cinematic splendour and subtle grandeur as layers of almost orchestral musicality (with contributions from musician Nnamdi Ogbonnaya) are interwoven to create something beautifully stirring. Exuding a raw emotion and sweeping ethereal grace, it offers an endearing intimacy; exposing us to West’s refreshing honesty and a heartfelt vulnerability. An exquisite exploration of life’s journey to find our true selves.

Of the track, West expands:

I want total freedom, total possibility, total acceptance. I want to fall in love with the rock. (The rock in question is a reference to Sisyphus, the mythical figure doomed by the gods to forever push a boulder up from the depths of hell.)… I think it’s easy to feel like we keep making the same mistakes over and over again, that we’re Sisyphus. The key is falling in love with the labor of walking up the mountain.” 

Directed by Brielle Brilliant & West, ‘Diver’ is accompanied by a glistening new video. Watch it now:

I Want The Door To Open, the upcoming new album from Lala Lala, is set for release on 8th October via Hardly Art.

Mari Lane

Photo Credit: Michael Schmelling

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