Track Of The Day: Karima Francis – ‘Say’

In what feels like a gentle stroll down a dim, busy street, LA based Karima Francis releases her stripped-back single ‘Say‘. With a steady, comforting mix that is folk-inspired in its narrative, and indie in its disposition, it sparkles in its simplicity, allowing Karima’s songwriting to shine through without obstacles. 

With ample time to dabble, reflection advances Karima to a moment of realisation where she becomes aware of her self-made walls. In times of isolation, sometimes our relationships may feel like they are under a microscope, even the relationship with one’s self may become that way. This poignant offering is self-aware in its apprehensive footsteps, offering to become smaller to make space from a place of anxiety. With both its beautiful musicality and stirring lyricism, ‘Say’s universe builds up boundaries whilst tearing others down. 

Warm, widespread bass and laid back drums spread a blanket out for Karima’s ideas to nestle in balance. There is a subtle energy to ‘Say’ that feels like a summer breeze, whilst lush guitar hooks stay humble and satisfying, passing through naturally without invasion. Oozing an immersive intimacy, Karima whispers her worries in a delicately rousing close vocal, with shades of the emotion-strewn splendour of Phoebe Bridgers. 

Of the track, Karima explains:

Say’ is about the isolation caused by Covid -19 and how that can impact relationships closest to you.The song lyrics came to me whilst I was on my daily run, the whole cycle of Covid repetition was becoming overwhelming. My ongoing battles with CPTSD (complex post-traumatic stress disorder) became more outward and started to impact those around me.” 

‘Say’ is a ticket for a walk in Karima’s shoes, a saunter down awakening realisation; a necessary catharsis.

Jillian Goyeau

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One thought on “Track Of The Day: Karima Francis – ‘Say’

  1. hi secret crush say is very cathartic i suffer from complex BPD just done with life and say starts playing and your voice brings me to life your songwriting is phenomenal you are a closeted lyricist am so enamoured by you love you so much


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