LISTEN: Daisy Coburn – ‘My Paradise’

Having previously released music with her project Daisy Dares You and with years of experience playing in various other bands, last year innovative artist Daisy Coburn released her debut solo EP, and has now shared her new single, ‘My Paradise’. A festival ready stomp-through-the-woodlands-until-you-find-a-magical-clearing type listen, it’s utterly enchanting as airy chimes weave through swirling guitars and trundling bass, creating a beguiling indie track which is as whimsical and eerie as Alice heading down the rabbit hole. 

As Coburn’s vocals whisper, we’re treated to the unique, celestial Tinkerbell-like quality of her voice: delicate without being fragile, emanating light while a darker mischievousness lingers too (making the accompanying press image of Daisy bathed in absinthe green light pleasingly fitting). 

Her self-written lyrics are a call to get up and discover yourself, to stop making the same mistakes. Her admission that “my paradise is that you’d think twice” is particularly poignant advice given the knowledge that her career has seen a decade’s worth of iterations – you may remember her from various outfits including The Duke Spirit. 

While there are nods to her history, there’s an unrelenting sense of Daisy’s evolution as an artist. Having left the industry as a teenager, her return is wise, well crafted and extremely welcome. As ever, it’s refreshing to hear an artist truly find her sound and it’s with great excitement we await forthcoming EP Cut The Demon.

Tutku Barbaros

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