Track Of The Day: Nadia Sheikh – ‘Love Is Undefined’

As the nights grow longer and colder, Nadia Sheikh has gifted us a soul-searching indie rock treat with a perfectly wintery vibe. The British-Spanish artist’s latest single sparkles with an expansive sound and her consistently mesmerising, smooth vocals.

Following the hypnotic honesty of ‘IDWK’, ‘Love Is Undefined’ is similarly introspective, bursting into the guitar-laden hook “what am I to you?/what are you to me?” with intense feeling. Layered around Sheikh’s melancholy lyricism, eerie piano and echoing whispers add spooky ambiance, while the track roams around the classic quiet-loud rock dynamic with chiming emotion to beautiful effect.

Sheikh explains: “Sometimes love just turns into dust. You realise things aren’t working out and you can’t keep on going on but you’re so afraid of hurting the other person that you end up hurting yourself. That’s what I tried to convey in ‘Love Is Undefined’. Here I’m at my most honest. It was a very cathartic song to write, a bit scary too as it’s so personal, but it helped me heal and I hope it can help anyone going through the same kind of situation.”

More captivating gifts are in store as ‘Love is Undefined’ is taken from Nadia Sheikh’s upcoming EP Undefined, set for release on 16th November.

Leonie Bellini

Photo Credit: Laura Avinent

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