Track Of The Day: PETSEMATARY – ‘Cautious Kind’

A tentative musing on balancing your patience for other people’s emotions alongside your own emotional resilience, PETSEMATARY has shared her latest single ‘Cautious Kind‘. Released via Beth Shalom Records, the track is a hazy, emotive offering that sees the songwriter dissect her own feelings about venturing into a relationship on an uneven emotional level, but trying to remain optimistic in what can often be lonely territory.

“‘Cautious Kind’ is about being in a relationship with someone who is emotionally unavailable because of whatever history, trauma or emotional baggage,” PETSEMATARY aka Gaby-Elise Monaghan explains. “It’s like ripping your chest open and spilling your guts on the floor, only to have someone step all over it. It’s screaming for the validation you need in a relationship from someone who just isn’t entirely emotionally available, but also recognising that not everyone has the capacity for that.”

PETSEMATARY explores these needs through her yearning vocals and hazy, atmospheric guitar sounds on the track. “I feel like I come across as quite an intense person and I expect others to be just as open and honest, but in reality everyone has their own shit that affects how they interact in a relationship,” she continues. “It’s being in love and knowing deep down that this person will never be able to give you what you need emotionally, but still having hope and begging them to open up to you in the same way that you do for them. That kind of experience is really jarring – the song is about being cautious when opening yourself up but ultimately not letting your trauma make you push someone else away. Be cautious but also be kind and take the risk.”

PETSEMATARY will play a free show at Blondies in East London tonight (11th Nov) to celebrate the single’s release.

Listen to ‘Cautious Kind’ below.

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