LISTEN: Brimheim – ‘hey amanda’

An ode to friendship in all its bittersweet glory, Danish alt-pop artist Brimheim has shared her latest single ‘hey amanda’. Taken from her upcoming album, can’t hate myself into a different shape, which is set for release on 28th January via W.A.S Entertainment, the track is a celebration of platonic love, brimming with nostalgic lyrics, warm guitar sounds and tender vocals.

“Obviously there are plenty of great romantic love songs, but for some reason there aren’t a lot of love songs about friendships, even though they’re often just as crucial and formative as any crush or relationship,” Brimheim aka Helena Heinesen Rebensdorff explains about the context of her new single. “Amanda and I became best friends when we were 10 and it is one of my closest relationships to this day. The impact our friendship has had on my life is hard to overstate – especially because we grew our shared interest in art and music together at a very formative time in our lives. I feel like that’s pretty special – to have grown into the adult versions of ourselves and still be friends.”

Brimheim recalls her teenage memories of talking on the landline for hours and biking over to Amanda’s house with genuine warmth, earnestly admitting “in my heart we’re still kids messing around / just like we used to.” Emerging from the shadowy grandeur of her previous single ‘poison fizzing on a tongue‘, the buoyant ‘hey amanda’ is a gentler, but equally as emotive track that showcases Brimheim’s talent for capturing a moment in its purest form.

Listen to ‘hey amanda’ below.

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Photo Credit: Sofi Hellberg Olsso

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