Track Of The Day: The Kut – ‘AMINO’

The perfect rock’n’roll tonic to motivate you out of bed on a dreary winter’s morning, The Kut gives us a flavour of her upcoming second album with fierce latest single ‘ANIMO’. 

Meaning ‘spirit’ or ‘courage’, the energetic track strikes hard with chugging power chords and a catchy electronic motif. ‘ANIMO’ is tight and compelling throughout, capturing a classic rock sound with a modern edge, as the lyrics speak of the bravery of recent women’s rights protests across the UK. Driven by The Kut’s signature dynamic vocals, the tune also features Alison Wood on soaring guitar riffs, Jennifer Sanin providing pounding bass, and Diana Bartmann solid on drums – a formidable unit demonstrated perfectly by ‘ANIMO’’s rousing accompanying video.

Released as a taster of her anticipated second album, due June 2022, The Kut also has plans stateside, with a great new US distribution deal under her belt. If ‘ANIMO’s infectious energy and hard-hitting rock power are anything to go by, she has exciting things in store for us.

Leonie Bellini

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