Track Of The Day: PRISMA – ‘I Never Wanted To Meet You’

A defiant slice of goth-tinged scandi-pop that champions the idea of forging your own path, Danish duo PRISMA have shared their latest single ‘I Never Wanted To Meet You’. Released via Luna Sky Recordings, the track is a stirring, defiant reaction to the criticism of others, full of motorik beats, mantra-like lyrics and an infectious rhythm.

Formed of sisters Frida and Sirid Møl Kristensen, PRISMA create sounds that are influenced by the likes of The Raveonettes, Vivian Girls, Trentemøller, The Cure and Susanne Sundfør. Together, they write songs about their own experiences, staying true to their sisterhood as they attempt to understand life’s bigger questions. New single ‘I Never Wanted To Meet You’ is a shining example of both, full of their tender harmonies and energetic beats, propelling the track forwards as the duo champion breaking free from the restraints of others and focusing on your own vision.

“I realized that having this person in my life wasn’t doing me any good,” says Sirid, explaining the context of the new single. “I needed to make a choice, focusing on what was best for me. I can’t have people around me that no longer contribute to my life.” The duo elaborate further on their new sounds: “There’s this new drive in us, we have this energy inside, and we need to get it out. It doesn’t have to be pretty, and we don’t have to make perfect takes. The important thing is to emphasize the nerve of the music – this specific energy.”

Listen to ‘I Never Wanted To Meet You’ below.

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Photo Credit: Bobby Mandrup

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