Premiere: Hannah Schneider – ‘Mirror Sphere’

Having been big fans of Danish duo AyOwA for some time now, especially since they played for us at Notting Hill Arts Club a few years back, we were extremely pleased to hear that vocalist Hannah Schneider has now shared a poignant solo offering, taken from her upcoming album Ocean Letters.

A reflection on life’s beginnings and the emergence of being, ‘Mirror Sphere’ builds with a simmering emotion to a captivating soundscape. Oozing a spellbinding allure, it showcases Schneider’s rich, stirring vocals with a twinkling simplicity. Whilst more stripped back than we’ve come to expect from AyOwA, this solo venture maintains all the glistening majestic splendour and cinematic grace that we associate with Schneider, with an added immersive intimacy and delicate sense of vulnerability. A truly exquisite and enchanting hybrid of sounds.

Of the track, Schneider explains:

“’Mirror Sphere’ was written in the middle of a complete lockdown during the pandemic. It felt like it was a crucial moment in history – almost as if it was the end of it all. I came to think of the earth’s long history, and that everything happens over billions of years – all the way back from the time the amoebas decided to go ashore, to become animals and later humans. We’re just part of the long haul, and that’s kind of a consolation!

This time of isolation and complete quiet sent me back to something basic. A nearness and a simplicity. Creatively, for me it meant going back to where the music started for me – at the piano. Mirror Sphere mixes the acoustic sound of my piano and guitar with electronic and spherical elements into an ambient pop song. The production has been turned down, the vocals are done in one take, and these new songs reflect a new process for me in many ways…

Created in collaboration with producer Nicolai Kornerup, ‘Mirror Sphere’ is out tomorrow, 25th February, via Copenhagen label Midnight Confessions.

Mari Lane

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