Track Of The Day: Beauty Sleep – ‘I Love It Here I Hate It’

In an infectious, fantastic overhaul of alt-pop, Belfast duo Cheylene and Ryan – aka Beauty Sleep – capture our undivided attention with their most recent single ‘I Love It Here I Hate It‘. Fresh off of their SXSW debut, the excitable nature of Beauty Sleep is infectious throughout the track in such an earnest way. 

The band’s shimmering pop disposition paired with irresistible melodic grooves make for a sonic setting that immediately pulls us in, and never lets go. Delving into a discussion of duality, Beauty Sleep drench their art-pop nature with a fresh palette of enchanting string instrumentation that makes ‘I Love It Here I Hate It’ its own universe. Draped alongside deep synth beds, twinkling guitar leads and danceable bass lines, Beauty Sleep facilitates an energising mix oozing a rich orchestral splendour.

Personal voice samples layered into the track furthers the vastness of Beauty Sleep’s vision, creating an intimate touch on a song that otherwise feels universal. The humanity of duality throughout ‘I Love It Here I Hate It’ seeps from every note. As the illustrious, soaring vocals explain “I used to be the one who wanted to get out… Now I’m grown I just wanna be home”, we feel the band’s vulnerability become cathartic. What first feels like a guilty confession, the phrase “I Love It Here I Hate It” gains validation, and then ultimately celebration by the track’s end. 

Beauty Sleep have meticulously captured a journey of reflection, realisation and acceptance in ‘I Love It Here I Hate It’. Of the track, they explain:

We are all so in-between, all our identities are uncertain. And I think that makes us so powerful and we should celebrate it, rather than letting it ruin our self-esteem. It’s about trying to claim our own identities and inspire others to do the same. There is power in that. There Is power in owning who you are, and connecting with others through your complicated identity.”

Jillian Goyeau

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