Track Of The Day: Tomberlin – ‘Sunstruck’

A tender ode to self autonomy and prioritising your own emotional well-being, American songwriter Sarah Beth Tomberlin has shared her latest single ‘sunstruck’. Taken from her second album, I don’t know who needs to hear this… which is set for release on 29th April via Saddle Creek, the track is a comforting reflection on the often difficult journey towards actively choosing to love yourself, explored through her gentle guitar picks and poignant lyrics.

From breaking away from her religious roots as a Pastor’s daughter in Kentucky, to relocating to New York to play music and featuring as a guest vocalist on Phoebe Bridgers’ last album Punisher, Tomberlin’s unconventional journey into music has paved the way for her exquisitely confessional songwriting. On her latest single ‘sunstruck’, she muses on the need for time with one’s self in order to move past an un-balanced relationship, as she points out in the succinct lyric “nothing will come / from an ever flowing cup / when you’re too fucked / to fill it back up.”

“This is an aerial view love song that is also not a love song,” Tomberlin explains about ‘sunstruck’. “It is more a love song to forced distance, time alone with yourself, letting go, searching for yourself and the healing that takes place when you make those things an active focus in your life. These things are choices, they don’t just happen on their own. You can choose to practice them or you can choose stagnancy. This is a love song to the growth that often can take place if you choose to tend to your own life’s garden.”

Listen to ‘sunstruck’ below.

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Photo Credit: Michelle Yoon

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