Kindred Fawn – ‘Silver Blanket’

Inspired by the anxieties of insomnia and gloomy maritime weather, Kindred Fawn’s debut track ‘Silver Blanket‘ breathes a melancholic escape while introducing a brand new project. Ella Patenall, the voice behind Kindred Fawn is a multi-instrumentalist known for grunge-folk duo (and GIHE faves!), Naz & Ella. In search for a more genre-eclectic and experimental writing process that could focus on aural textures and pastoral musings, this serves as a project that makes space for Ella to nuance just that.

Soft sounds of waves pulling at the wind set the stage for ‘Silver Blanket’ which feels like a intermittent moment of comfort amidst a night storm. Dark acoustic guitar plucks as it sets the stage for an eerie, yet familiar, feeling that looms over the disposition of the track. Hovering over the anxious mix, Ella’s ethereal voice floats, shimmering above her hesitation while beaming a non-dimmable light that knows its resilience.

Radio samples from the British Shipping Forecast give the folk tune a charismatic, emo-acoustic twist as it calls to the heavier elements of ‘Silver Blanket’. As Kindred Fawn’s layered musicality slowly builds dynamically, it is clear that both delicate folk artists – as well as the sounds of mellow rock legends such as PJ Harvey – are influential to Kindred Fawn.

Of the track, Ella explains:

“When I started university and was living in halls, I found it hard to sleep, there was so much noise – other students, the train line nearby and the squawking of seagulls as well as some internal anxiety. I had a radio in my room and discovered the shipping forecast (which plays late at night and early in the morning). I thought it was so bizarre but also soothing, conjuring up images of sailors on the rough seas whilst I was in my comfortable bed, and it really helped...” 

Under “chalky moonlight”, ‘Silver Blanket’ brings eager anticipation for what is next from Kindred Fawn.

Jill Goyeau

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