Track Of The Day: Well Yeah – ‘Ritmo’

As a fan of instrumental act Los Bitchos, I was excited to discover Well Yeah – a band led by their former guitarist Carolina Faruolo. Describing their latest release ‘Ritmo’ as “Manchester meets Latin America”, I was intrigued. It’s their second single since their debut ‘Hello’, a track combining atmospheric guitar lines and a classic latin pop rhythm. 

‘Ritmo’ starts with a lush synth pad and Santana-style guitar lead, making the Latin American feel immediately obvious. Flowing with a lounge-inspired, chilled out energy, it provides the perfect accompaniment for the the unusually warm English weather we’re having right now. 

As the opening two minutes introduce you to the track’s swirling refrain, it soon builds as Well Yeah cleverly and subtly give us a change in tempo and energy, bringing the song fully to life in a burst of vibrant musicality. The bass steps up to a funkier and more energetic groove, the drums intensify and a rich Hammond organ enters, creating a funk-fuelled retro vibe reminiscent of ’90s rave culture and ’60s psychedelia. 

The song continues at this pace before a moment of quiet where just the bass plays, before hitting us with an colourful climax of synth horns, funky bass and latin rhythms all fused together with polished production. The animated drive of the track brings to mind a fun-filled amalgamation of Primal Scream’s ‘Loaded’, The Happy Mondays, and Peruvian Cumbia band Los Detellos.

Ultimately, instrumental music needs to work harder to keep people engaged, and Well Yeah are certainly a band who can pull it off. If you like this track, give their B-side ‘Magic’ a listen too and cross your fingers to for some gigs in the near future!   

Ritmo‘ is out now via Strong Island Recordings and was recorded live in Well Yeah’s own studio in Brunswick Mill, Manchester.

Ella Patenall

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