Track Of The Day: Aiko – ‘Restless’ (ft. Boy Jr.)

Having previously received acclaim from the likes of Elle and Harper’s Bazaar, in an electrifying unravelling, Moscow born/Czech raised and London based Aiko brings honesty, energy and spunk in her latest single. Casted by the shadow of art-pop and electro-driven indie vibes, ‘Restless‘ serves as a track that is suited for both the dance-floor and a night-time solo drive.

With a dark, yet lively, disposition, the unique soundscape Aiko fosters is filled with motivation. ‘Restless’ spins its own wheels to the point of instability and – although things may get unbearable – the spirit of the track accepts this phenomenon with resilience: “I’m scared to bits, but won’t call it quits.”

The gentle vocals that float throughout the verses of ‘Restless’ are reminiscent of Canadian alt-poppers Dizzy while the track’s banging chorus calls on the spiritual fire of acts like MUNA and Maggie Rogers.

Pulsing electronic drums draped in cinematic synths and curious samples make for a sonically dense mix that creates its own breath. Each verse of ‘Restless’ feels like a reflection, while each chorus explodes in revelation. Aiko has created an emotional push and pull both lyrically and musically that is relatable and invigorating.

Jill Goyeau

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