Track Of The Day: Maggie The Cat – ‘Donne Moi Ta Chose’

Dressed in a sultry and mysterious aesthetic, Maggie The Cat (who you may know as the vocalist of London legends Madonnatron), has released ‘Donne Moi Ta Chose’. Bubbling with darkness and intrigue, she brings her trademark enticing vocals to centre stage with a refreshing twist for this solo endeavour.  

Maggie The Cat embodies a vintage dream, calling back to synth pop heavies from the ‘80s, but with an accessible sound that lands in similar territory to Lana Del Rey and St. Vincent. ‘Donne Moi Ta Chose’ grounds itself with a steady retro drum beat while Maggie The Cat allows her voice to drench your attention, creating something truly captivating. The instrumentals then expand with simple, satisfying guitar riffs that bring a tenderness to the track’s overall mystery. 

The rich mix of this track allows for Maggie The Cat to take up space in both a gentle and intense way. Everything about ‘Donne Moi Ta Chose’ feels like a Gemini, serving us the best of both worlds. It demands our attention – “I’ll take anything you got” – with its relentless pulse into a goth-synth universe. As vocal layers build, criss-crossing with an immersive chaotic energy, Maggie The Cat creates an epic storm that we cannot turn away from; mystifying and beautiful.

Jill Goyeau

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