EP: Grandmas House – ‘Who Am I’

Formed of Yasmin Berndt (vocals, guitar), Poppy Dodgson (vocals, drums) and Zoë Zinsmeister (bass), Grandmas House combine gritty guitars, thudding percussion and a joyful dose of sarcasm to create their catchy punk inspired anthems. The Bristol-based trio released their self-titled debut EP in October 2021, which covered everything from dismantling the patriarchy, celebrating queer love, to a penchant for local pasties. Now, Grandmas House are back with their second EP, Who Am I, another collection of songs that tackle body image, identity and disassociation and negatively stereotyped zodiac signs.

Born from the desire to overcome the discomfort that facing your own reflection can cause, opener ‘Body’ is a riotous cacophony that sets the scathing, cathartic tone of the record. Full of candid vocals and boisterous riffs, the anthem aims to dismantle the strained relationships we have with our own bodies. When the band simultaneously chant “haven’t seen myself for a second of the day / it feels like everyone is growing / and I just stay the same”, they capture the uneasiness of existing in an insecure skin, whilst putting their own corrosive spin on this feeling to alleviate the pressure.

What follows is a a bi-lingual blast of angst on ‘How Does It Feel?’. Pairing Berndt’s passionate French vocal with Dodgson’s visceral English one, the track is “a call and response between two people about the feelings of confusion you go through when breaking up.” It bleeds into the smouldering ‘Desire’. Inspired by the disorientating power of romantic infatuation, Berndt’s raucous voice rises and falls alongside Dodgson’s backing vocals and blistering beats across the track, whilst Zinsmeister’s rumbling basslines enhance the all-consuming yearning that’s explored in the lyrics.

Closing their record with the title track – described as “an anthem by Gemini’s, for all the other Gemini’s out there” – Grandmas House gleefully defy the negative stereotyping surrounding their zodiac sign with charged riffs and commanding beats. Clocking in at just under 8 minutes in total, Who Am I is a blast of raw, frenzied post-punk energy that showcases the trio’s talent for writing defiant, witty guitar tunes that warrant repeated listens.

Grandmas House play live tonight (23rd March) at The Victoria in Dalston. Tickets here.

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Photo Credit: Rosie Carne

Kate Crudgington

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