Five Favourites: Aisha Badru

Having previously charmed our ears with the exquisite grace of 2021 EP The Way Back Home and her debut album Pendulum, and with acclaim from the likes of The Line Of Best Fit and Afropunk, singer-songwriter Aisha Badru has now announced the release of her upcoming new EP, due out in June. Following the stirring ‘Lazy River‘, latest single ‘Path Of Least Resistance‘ flows with a lilting soulful energy as it reflects on the apprehensions of new love. Rippling with the rich, shimmering grace of Badru’s vocals, it offers a beautifully soothing heartfelt anthem; showcasing the rich, blissful majesty that we can expect from the rest of the EP.

We think one of the best ways to get to know an artist is by asking what music inspires them. So, to celebrate the upcoming new EP, we caught up with Aisha to ask about the music that has inspired her the most. So, read about her five favourite songs, and make sure you listen to the beautiful ‘Path Of Least Resistance‘ below…

Sarah Jaffe – ‘Clementine’
I stumbled on Sarah Jaffe around the time in my early 20s when I was really starting to get into folk music. I love the raw and emotional honesty that she shares on her album Suburban Nature and her simplistic yet deep lyrics that hold such relatable stories of relationships, heartbreak and life. Back then when I was going through a break up, I had the album on repeat and it made me feel not so alne and hopeless; it made me feel human. This sentiment is one that I hope people find when they listen to my music. One song in particular that was a favourite is ‘Clementine’.

Yuna – ‘Decorate’ 
Yuna was a huge inspiration of mine when I first started writing my own music. I have never been a particularly strong singer or able to hold any impressive notes. My vocal delivery has always been quite simple and my singing often resembles a whisper. Yuna has a similarly soft voice to mine and she’s able to penetrate into deep places with her touching and playful lyrics. I found myself really owning and embracing my soft voice after finding her. There is something very revealing about her conservative approach to music and ‘Decorate’ perfectly displays how you can articulate such profound emotions using a few gentle words and a simple musical arrangement.

Alice Phoebe Lou – ‘Society’ 
You know that feeling when you can feel the message of a song resonating throughout your entire body and soul so much that it gives you goosebumps? That is something that I felt often when I would listen to Alice Phoebe Lou’s earlier songs. She has so many great songs, but one in particular that comes to mind that made me fall in love with her is ‘Society’. Her commentary on society within her lyrics is really moving. You’ll often hear me speaking of broader subjects in my music too. I would say that she inspired the confidence to sing about subjects other than love.

Beautiful Chorus ft. India Arie – ‘I Am’ 
Beautiful Chorus is a harmonising group of women who release spiritual songs that centre around emotional and vibrational healing. Their songs often contain repetitive mantras that have this calming effect on the nervous system while also being extremely uplifting. This song that they released with India Arie is one of my favourite songs, like ever. These women have definitely inspired me to use more soothing sounds and mantra-like lyrics in my music which can be heard in songs of mine such as ‘Rooted’ and ‘Road To Self’.

Lauryn Hill – MTV Unplugged (set)
When I think of some of my earliest music memories, I think of Lauryn Hill. What I love about Lauryn Hill is how she stayed true to who she was while existing within an industry that often tries to shape you into something that you’re not. Her whole MTV Unplugged set speaks so beautifully to that journey of staying on the path of honouring her truth. I find that to be incredibly inspiring and I too will always honour my truth and individuality.

Massive thanks to Aisha for sharing her Five Favourites with us! Listen to ‘Path Of Least Resistance’ here.

Learning To Love Again, the upcoming EP from Aisha Badru, is set for release on 2nd June.

Photo Credit: Jeff Trapani

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