WATCH: HAWXX – ‘Hologram’

Anthemic choruses collide with dystopian wonderings in this high-energy latest single by London-based metal quartet HAWXX

A perfect musical introduction to their upcoming EP You’re Only As Loud As You Shout Right Now, ‘Hologram’ kicks off with a dose of mystical reverb before crashing into hard-hitting drums and spiralling electric riffs. HAWXX’s high-adrenaline vocals veer between classic metal exhilaration and eerie whispers, as the energy builds and builds to plunge back into perfect breakdowns that dance between hazy riffs and punishing bass. Accompanied by a futuristic video drenched in sci-fi glam, the lyrics speak of the menacing future of social media – the dark side to our late-night scrolling habits in search of likes and dopamine hits.

HAWXX explain: “’Hologram’ is a song about the looming dystopia of social media. We curate and self-edit to create well packaged yet hollow versions of ourselves. The entire meaning of identity has shifted. Our relevance and worth depend on numbers and branding. When we are anxious or lonely, we rely on this digital pacifier, this hit of dopamine that has overpowered our human nature. We are the hologram generation.

At least we have the delights of HAWXX to drag us firmly back into the real world with this electrifying slice of metal.

Leonie Bellini

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