Track Of The Day: Stainwasher – ‘See Thee’

A bittersweet, ambient soundscape inspired by the need to push through seemingly immovable barriers, Swedish songwriter Stainwasher has re-released her single ‘See Thee’. Taken from her debut album The Outer Layer, which she shared earlier this month, the track is a dreamy blend of soft vocals, atmospheric reverb and poetic lyrics that tenderly explore what it feels like to re-frame your thinking.

“I wrote ‘See Thee’ a few years ago, but I was never pleased with the production until this year, and it was such a nice feeling to finally release it,” Stainwasher explains. “An old version of it was actually my most liked song on SoundCloud, however I always felt thought it needed more. The lyrics refer to obstacles that I felt held me back in life, and when I wrote it a couple of years ago, I thought it was me who created these obstacles. Now, I know that they didn’t have to be obstacles at all, only circumstances.”

Acknowledging this growth and slowly building up her emotional resilience helped Stainwasher to shape the sounds that form her debut album. On The Outer Layer, she contrasts her darker emotions with bright, ambient electronics and dreamy reverb, soothing listeners with her elusive, lullaby-esque vocal throughout the record.

“I would say most of the songs are more lo-fi and a bit rawer than before, if you can call something that has a thousand tons of reverb raw,” Stainwasher comments about her new record. “I’ve been listening to a lot of slowcore and some Doom music in recent years, which you probably can tell. I have woven some irony into the lyrics which made me giggle like a creep in my little home studio too.”

Stainwasher’s ability to tap into her “creepy” thoughts and transform them into beguiling, cinematic sounds is what makes listening to her music so enjoyable. On ‘See Thee’ and with her debut album, she continues to showcase her talent as an emerging electronic artist.

Listen to ‘See Thee’ below.

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