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As it’s our first week live as a blog, we wanted to give you an introduction as to what we’re all about and each of our three main reasons for starting Get In Her Ears…

Kate Crudgington – Features Editor

The huge volume of new music I’ve discovered since joining the GIHE team in 2015 has been overwhelming. Most importantly though, I’ve met Mari & Tash and both of them have been a constant source of support, information, and laughter.

Get In Her Ears is about much more than music. We’re about championing the voices of the voiceless, being allies to minority groups and using our words and our ears to engage with and listen to the struggles of girls and women from all walks of life. Here are three reasons why we do what we do:


Trying not to get frustrated at the lack of female headliners at festivals, the continuous sexual assault of girls at gigs and the legal and social struggles they face when trying to report these assaults is borderline impossible. Don’t let that frustration turn to fear. Harness it, and use it as the catalyst for change – whether that’s in your own circles, or further afield.


“Don’t agonise, organise.” – Florynce Kennedy

As someone who is prone to feeling overwhelmed when patriarchal shit hits the feminist fan, this is a quote I’m learning to live by. Identifying as a feminist and having emotional responses to the crushing pressure of patriarchal society are not bad, or mutually exclusive things – but letting negative emotions silence you, or dictate your next movements are. When you’re agonising, re-read the words of your favourite feminists and remember that you can organise yourself and others in to action.

For the Grrrls:

GIHE is for the girls and women who mimic the hairstyles, clothes, make-up and attitudes of their favourite front-women, because it gives them courage and a sense of belonging. Get In Her Ears is for everyone, but when I’m writing, I’m thinking of those Grrrls.

Tash Walker – Digital Editor

I’m often asked where we got the name Get In Her Ears from, the answer is simple: Get In Her Ears is a show hosted by women with a strong female focus throughout, be that the music we play or the topics we discuss. In a world where the default pronoun in law is masculine, we felt this was our subtle nod to the feminine.

Together with the ever inspiring Mari and Kate, Get In Her Ears has grown and grown, and to now be in a position to start our own website is amazing.


There is no denying the gender imbalance still present across so many industries and elements of life, not to mention the ever pressing issue of sexual assault and the dehumanisation of women in the music industry.  And it doesn’t stop there, equality in general is a significant issue, but one which I feel more and more people are engaging in.


Music has always been such a strong driving force behind change – take the underground feminist Riot Grrrl movement which started in the ’90s as an example. It had a huge impact on the music scene and it’s amazing to see all the groups popping up now in the music industry focused on putting women first. There’s a real GRL PWR revolution!  Here at Get In Her Ears we want to celebrate the positive progression that we have all made but ensure we are focusing on and challenging what still needs to  change.


We’re here to celebrate diversity.  We’re here to raise awareness of gender issues.  We’re here to support and promote equality in music.  We’re here to empower each other.  As individuals we are loud but together we are louder so in the words of X-Ray Spex – “some people think little girls should be seen and not heard.  But I think ‘Oh bondage, up yours!’”

Mari Lane – Managing Editor 

Some of my favourite bands are cis white men in rock and have provided plenty of special memories. I’ve cried from joy the thirteen times I’ve seen Foo Fighters live, danced into the early hours to Arctic Monkeys on many a night out, and spent my childhood singing along to the Stones and The Beatles. But there’s so much more to music than just those guys, and – with the industry’s ongoing ingrained sexism and underrepresentation of women/non-binary artists – I didn’t feel the world needed another blog dedicated to promoting these kinds of bands. So, following over two years of the Get In Her Ears radio show on Hoxton Radio, and nearly a year of running gigs at The Finsbury, we wanted to start this site to continue our promotion of new music from all genders and genres, with a focus on supporting women in the industry.


Kathleen Hanna is my biggest hero. Riot Grrrl pioneer and founder of Bikini Kill, Le Tigre and The Julie Ruin, she never fails to inspire and motivate. And, as someone else living with a chronic illness, she has got me through many a tough time; her music, wisdom and determination being a constant source of strength.

Take Miss Eaves, for example, with her championing of body positivity and sexual expression, or ‘Feminist Punk Witches’ Dream Nails with their Riot Grrrl ethos and empowering anthems; just a few of the women in the arts who have been inspiring me of late.

I’ve recently had my breath taken away by the poignant social commentary and stirring emotion of Kate Tempest live, danced the night away in pure joy to JD Samson’s DJ set, and continue to learn from the immense spellbinding beauty of Julie Hawk’s voice and her prominence in Ireland’s Repeal The 8th movement.

I could be here forever listing the women who inspire me… So, it made sense to start a blog to write about them all on a daily basis!


In the words of Queen Latifah…

Getting to know Tash and Kate, and enjoying all our ventures together over the last few years, has made me feel more a part of something than ever before. Feeling a unity with two such wonderful, and like-minded humans, has been a constant source of comfort and motivation. And, along with the support, love and artistic skill of my partner in everything and own Riot Boi, Paul, it’s all been a pretty exciting journey. So, onwards with this new chapter we’re all starting together!


How would we survive without music? Coming across new and exciting bands and artists is our favourite thing to do here at Get In Her Ears. Our main aim is to promote as much amazing music as possible; spread the word about the new, and occasionally reminisce about the influence of the old.


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