WATCH: Queen Zee & The Sasstones – ‘Boy’

We’re hooked on the sound of Liverpool punk sass-perts Queen Zee & The Sasstones, and after watching their new video for ‘Boy’, we guarantee you will be too. It’s an anthem for trans-gender rockers and their allies who refuse to be ignored or oppressed by transphobic or homophobic attitudes.

“You can try and bury my head in the sand / But that won’t make the body at the surface a man’s,” seethes Queen Zee over manic guitar and heart-pounding drums throughout the track. Despite the infectious dancing rhythms, Queen Zee’s lyrics reveal the frightening reality faced by many transgender people, who live in fear of “That skinny kinda lonely kid / raised on homo-trans-hate rhetoric / Waiting for me to come outta the club / a concealed weapon clenched between his fists.”

With their punk attitude and ability to write abrasive heavy-pop tunes, there’s no danger of Queen Zee being melted in to a “masculine mould” – and we’re rejoicing in support of this “whipping girl born into a big man’s world”. Take a look at the incredible video for ‘Boy’ below and follow Queen Zee & the Sasstones on Facebook for more updates.

Kate Crudgington

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