Track Of The Day: Bugeye – ‘Wake Up’

With a bouncing bass line evoking Elastica,Wake Up’ by Bugeye introduces itself in a snapping yet loose-limbed yelp and holler.

Dedicated to all the DIY collectives supporting music which seeking positive changes – the likes of LOUD WOMEN and The Zine UK get name-checked for all they’re doing for up and coming talent – the track is lyrically a call to arms, and melodically a call to the dancefloor. Harking back to the guitar-led and percussion-punctuated pop punk of the late ‘90s, the era in which Bugeye first formed, but updating it with the political snark of today.

Its power is in speaking of not being afraid of being alone, being different. It’s a shout of solidarity in fractured times, a splash of colour against austerity grey. With touches of Le Tigre and blasts of Blondie, Bugeye have as much in common with ‘70s punk, with Riot Grrrl and with ‘80s underground as they do the current sound of punk being pushed by bands like Dream Nails.

While the track doesn’t linger beyond its 2’39” play time, it oozes that indie-disco sound from which a whirling darkness, where wild eyes are windows to wilder souls, emanates. It’s a moment captured – one in which the heart beats faster with the joy of music, the fear of the future, and the anger at today.

They say, “Cage dancing politicians, the rich feeding off the poor, venue closures and “affordable housing” – an uprising is happening, it’s time to Wake Up and Fight Back” and in ‘Wake Up’, Bugeye have provided the short sharp rush you need to do just that before stealing yourself for the long-haul of resistance.  

‘Wake Up’ is out now on Marwoo Records. You can find Bugeye on Facebook and Twitter. 

Sarah Lay 

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