ALBUM: Pale Honey – ‘Devotion’

If you blend the vocals of Wolf Alice’s Ellie Rowsell and the Cardigans’ Nina Persson with clear electronics and hazy guitar riffs – you’ll end up with the sound of Gothenburg duo Pale Honey. The band released their second album Devotion earlier this month and it’s a cool, understated new offering.

‘Replace Me’ is a strong album opener, displaying the pair’s inherent ability to craft assertive, memorable indie-electronic tunes. It blends seamlessly in to second track ‘Someone’s Devotion’, which is an up-beat, fuzzy guitar-led rejection of love. ‘Get These Things Out Of My Head’ follows and just like the track’s name, you’ll struggle to get the buzzing synths out of your brain.

‘The Heaviest Of Storms (Devotion Pt. 1)’ smoulders for just shy of six minutes, making it the strung out and sultry highlight of the record, whilst ‘Lesson Learned’ is another coolly uncompromising tune that threatens “I will break you honey” with casual venom. ‘Real Thing’ is charged with “electric” “obsessive” energy, and ‘777 (Devotion, Pt.2)’ bookends the previous three tracks with quiet guitars and sweetly jaded vocals.

Penultimate track ‘Golden’is another charged tune that quietly, but defiantly champions independence, whilst ‘Why Do I Always Feel This Way’ closes the record on a note of uncertainty. There’s one thing we know for sure though, Pale Honey pack a powerful punch with their assertive indie-electronic offerings, and you should head down to their show at Old Blue Last on November 7th to hear their tunes in the flesh (RSVP here).

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Kate Crudgington

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