Track Of The Day: Ailbhe Reddy – ‘The Tube’

Glistening pop hooks and soft vocals characterise Ailbhe Reddy’s latest track ‘The Tube’. The folk-pop artist from Dublin shines with her enigmatic, syrupy lyrics and innovative style.

The track’s smooth chorus, centred around the lyrics “Nothing I can say or do/say to you” in a cyclical, cynical manner, carries a glorious hook sure to capture any listener’s ears. Ailbhe explains:

“The Tube is a song about having no explanation good enough for someone, so the only thing I had left to offer was the small gesture of walking them to the nearest tube station…It’s a song about struggling to express yourself properly to someone, which I think is probably pretty universal.”

Since the release of her Hollowed Out Sea EP in 2016, Ailbhe has signed a publishing deal with London-based BDi Music, and has just finished a UK tour. ‘The Tube’ is sure to cement her on the folk-pop scene with its subtle, emotion-strewn power. 

‘The Tube’ is out now.

Erin Bashford


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