LIVE: PINS – The Garage, London 08.11.17

“Iggy Pop couldn’t make it tonight, so you’ll have to make do with me instead” joked PINS‘ bassist Anna at the band’s headline London show last night. She was introducing ‘Aggrophobe’, the collaborative track which catapulted PINS in to public consciousness earlier this year. Needless to say, she aced Iggy’s spoken word parts and along with band-mates Faith, Lois, Sophie & Kyoko, proved that PINS are a band with sparkling talent.

Fresh off the back of supporting The Breeders on their European tour, PINS were glammed up and ready to give the crowds plenty of their thunderous post-punk sounds. Opening their set with the hypnotising ‘Trouble’, the crowd were swaying in time to the snaking bass lines and devious guitar ruffs, before they were treated to several new tracks that full of stomping percussion and plenty of PINS’ trademark commanding lyrics. 2012 single ‘LUVU4LYF’ sounded as sharp and vital as their new offerings, as did iconic Wild Nights track ‘Young Girls’ which the band closed their set with.

The glorious ‘Bad Thing’ – the title track of their most recent EP – bled perfectly into latest single ‘Serve The Rich’, which is laced with rallying cries and bold bass lines. Vocalist Faith delivered her lyrics with effortless confidence and charisma and became the human catalyst for dancing when she moved from stage to barrier to interact with fans. ‘Girls Like Us’ gave her the perfect opportunity to do this and members of support band Madonnatron didn’t hesitate to scale the barriers and join her for a dance on stage.

PINS’ gigs are always polished, fist-pumpingly good affairs that prove these Manchester post-punks are the coolest girls in town, with a sound that’s equal parts fierce and fun. Make sure you get involved next time.

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Photo Credit: Andrew Benge

Kate Crudgington

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