Track Of The Day: MALKA – ‘No No No’

I was lucky enough to catch GIHE fave and past guest on the radio show, the glorious MALKA, live last week at The Lexington. A simply joyous experience, she dazzled in her lion head-dress and sparkling leotard; a shimmering delight to watch. And, despite confiding in us that she was losing her voice, her vocal performance succeeded in flowing perfectly alongside the infectious tribal beats and twinkling musicality of each offering.

A Lauren Laverne favourite, MALKA recently released her latest album Ratatatata rather more politically-inspired collection than her debut Marching To Another Beat; but no less vibrant.

An example of the album’s socially aware subject matter is ‘No No No’. Inspired by the current threat our NHS is under, and our fight to protect it, it’s a colourful offering oozing throbbing beats alongside bubbly hooks, brass melodies and MALKA’s playful chirps. With hints of the likes of MIA, it makes for a totally immersive and utterly uplifting sonic delight.

Of the track, MALKA explains:

“‘No No No’ was one of the first songs I wrote for the new album. It helped me to define the sound I wanted to go for. Lyrically the song is about the NHS. The fight to protect something of great importance to our country, but equally it could be about fighting for something you really believe in.”


Ratatatat is out now.

Mari Lane

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