Track Of The Day: HAWK – ‘Can’t Explain’

As any avid follower of Get In Her Ears will be aware, we’re pretty besotted with everything Berlin-based HAWK create, and their latest single is no exception. Released as a AA side with accompanying track ‘Below’, ‘Can’t Explain’ is a wonderfully intense whirlwind of burning passion.

Somewhat heavier than past material, the track was written as a reaction to people’s ignorance and the power privilege has to erase the voices of those who need to be heard. Continuing HAWK’s track record of creating captivating soundscapes with an acute social awareness, ‘Can’t Explain’ oozes thrashing riffs and urgent beats, as the immense power of Julie Hawk’s soaring vocals builds the tension and drives it forwards with an empowering, impassioned splendour. Although perhaps more raucous in sound that previous offerings, the track loses none of the glorious, spellbinding beauty and enchanting grace that the band have become known for.


‘Can’t Explain’ once again proves why it’s vital that we have HAWK in our lives. Not only intent on creating rousing sonic delights, they are dedicated to raising awareness of pressing social issues, and bring them to the fore of all they do.

‘Can’t Explain’/’Below’ is out now via Veta Records. Listen on Spotify.

You also ought to check out Julie’s ‘Female Fronted Drawn Together’ playist, and make sure you don’t miss HAWK live at The Lexington tonight!


Mari Lane


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