Track Of The Day: The Menstrual Cramps – ‘The Smash’

Following the seething power of their debut album We’re Not Ovaryacting (what a name!), which earned itself the title of Loud Women’s ‘Hercury Prize’ this year, DIY punks The Menstrual Cramps are back with another fantastically riotous offering.

‘The Smash’ combines a fist-clenching ferocity with racing catchy hooks and a tongue in cheek wit, creating a truly infectious punk-rock anthem that makes for simply essential listening. As front woman Emilia Elfrida chants “Kick the Tories out the door… we want a revolution!”, The Menstrual Cramps give a welcome voice to the anger we’re all feeling about the way society’s headed.

Combining activism with musical prowess, The Menstrual Cramps provide a captivating, empowering force that we all need now more than ever.

Mari Lane

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