Track Of The Day: AyOwA – ‘Insomnia’

What dreams may come when listening to this majestic new track from Danish electronic duo, AyOwA (Hannah Schneider and Nicolai Kornerup)! 

The first single from their forthcoming EP Farvel, ‘Insomnia’ is sung in Danish, to the haunting lyrics of Danish writer Mette Moestrup. For those not fluent in Danish, the vocal effects of the language make us feel our way into the song. It begins like icy air creeping into a dark house, then sweeps and soars into droplets of crystallised sound towards the majestic chorus. To hear it is to feel the heartbeats and clicks in a waking dream.


AyOwA use Modular synths and old reel-to-reels effectively, lending the sound the quality of something unique, yet familiar. They have blended a haunting mix of timeless ambience with crystal-sharp vocals and crisp, clear sounds in a Bjork-like Scandanavian reverie. There are also echoes of other European nineties sounds, like Robert Miles, and Stereolab.  

The overall effect of this track is slow, melancholic, and cinematic. It is the sound of ice breaking above the darkened city on the tallest church spire… To sleep, perchance to dream.

Farvel, the upcoming EP from AyOwA, is set for release in May 2018 via Music For Dreams.

Fi Ni Aicead

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