Track Of The Day: Girl As Wave – ‘Houdini’

Dark, ghostly soundscapes coalesce with smokey electronica in the latest offering from Girl As Wave. Throughout ‘Houdini’, her sophisticated and laid back vocal style is calming yet off-setting; the voodoo-tinged indie of the track spellbinding and mesmeric.

A sultry opening hook bleeds into a tangibly soft vocal, ‘Houdini’ floating somwehere in-between languished and ambitiously cavernous. It’s a song that could fit anywhere between a US ghost town and a London bar, with shades of the earthy mysticism of Alexandra Savior and Pumarosa.

Hailing from New York, Girl As Wave combines a folky, lyric-driven approach to songwriting with a love of indie and electronic music. An email collaboration with LA-based producer Jimmy Deer resulted in the completion of her debut EP, Poison Vines and Nectar, setΒ for release in early 2018.


Erin Bashford

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