Introducing Interview: East Of My Youth

Creating captivating twinkling electronica, Icelandic duo East Of My Youth formed back in 2015, and since then have received praise from the likes of i-D and The Line Of Best Fit, and have charmed crowds at SXSW Festival.

Now, returning to grace our ears with majestic new single ‘Go Home’, we caught up with East Of My Youth to find out more.

Hi East of My Youth, welcome to Get In Her Ears! Can you tell us a bit about the band?
EOMY is Herdis and Thelma. Herdis works as a freelance composer and producer in Berlin and Thelma is a visual artist and actress living in L.A. So, currently the band is having a long distance relationship!

How did you initially get together and start creating music?
We started playing the piano and singing together then it developed into an electronic project. I (Herdis) was taking my first steps in production and EOMY’s ‘Lemonstars’ was the first song I produced. The idea of the band originally came in a bar in Berlin where we were both living at the time.

Your new single ‘Go Home’ is out now – can you tell us what it’s all about?
We rented a studio in Berlin for two months in 2016 and sat at two desks trying to be creative. We can say that most of that time was really difficult and unproductive, but then one day Herdís called me over and had this melody basically ready made and then we added the lyrics with the help of an existing poem and really got into the depths of the song’s psyche. It’s not really about a particular happening, but rather a pool of emotions being narrated into a fairytale-like story.

You’ve been compared to the likes of Vallis Alps and Anna of the North, but who would you say are your main musical influences?
This question is always a bit tricky. We’re of course happy when people find resemblance with talented musicians/bands and that our production value shines through, but we’ve never really consciously taken inspiration from anyone. Although if you’d listen to the music that we were listening to at the time of composing certain songs you might find resemblance to some elements. Artists that come to mind that might have influenced individual songs are Lorde, Grimes, FKA Twigs, London Grammar and more.

How is your local music scene? Do you go to see lots of live music?
Herdis: I’m trying to do more of that, hehe.
Thelma: Likewise! Since I moved to LA in September, I’ve only been to two concerts but I have a huge line up in the new year that I’m wanting to see.

And what can fans expect from your live shows?
Our live shows have been pretty intimate but playful, and that is definitely something we’ve tried to hold onto in every live show.

As we’re a new music focused site, are there any new/upcoming bands or artists you’d recommend we check out?
It’s really funny that lately I’ve actually been listening to David Lynch. Who knew he was also making music? There is one song in particular that I’ve been overplaying recently and it’s the best work mode song ever called ‘Good Day Today’. But regarding some up and coming acts I’d recommend Ayia, IDK IDA, Mr. Silla and Vök for example. They’re all Icelandic or based in Iceland.

And how do you feel the music industry is for new artists at the moment – would you say it’s difficult to get noticed?
Yes and no. I think if you really put all your effort into both making quality music and putting it out by all means possible I think there is a chance. You just have to believe in yourself and do it!

Finally, what does 2018 have in store for East of My Youth?
We’ll be going through what has been done this year and tie ends to what needs to be left in order to move forward. So I guess there is an all in all cleanse going on that is creating new grounds to grow in. I think 2018 is going to be amazing. Of course it’s gonna bite you from time to time, like life always does, but I have an overall feeling of something good and great being born.

Huge thanks to East Of My Youth for answering our questions! 

‘Go Home’ is out now via West Of My Future Ltd.

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