Track Of The Day: Charmpit – ‘Margot’

Charmpit have indeed been charming our ears, and our hearts, for some time now. With this year’s Jelly EP providing the perfect summer soundtrack, they have also wowed us with their joyous live set when playing for us at The Finsbury a few months back. And now, they continue to spread their empowering, fun-filled message with a brand new video.

Asserting that there is good in the world despite all the bad, ‘Margot’ oozes a sparkling, pop-punk fuzz with all the jangly, shimmering hooks and honey-sweet harmonies that we’ve come to know and love from the band. A short, sweet blast of uplifting, anarchic joy, it highlights the repeated refrain that “every baby is a natural-born punk”; reminding us of the need to nurture the innocence of the young and turn it into goodness and empathy that will last a lifetime.

Of the track, the band explain:

“We wanted to write an anthem for all the parents and carers, to everyone who takes the time to explain to kids why the things they see don’t make sense, how and why our world is messy and imperfect, and what justice could look like… MARGOT is 2 years old and our punk muse: Margot is here to make friends AND to win, their creativity and curiosity keeps us dreaming.”

Watch the joyous new video for ‘Margot’ now (featuring Margot herself – a child that bassist Anne Marie has cared for since she was a baby), and celebrate the beautiful, unifying power of love and friendship in the face of all the world has to throw at us.

Mari Lane

Photo Credit: Jon Mo / @jonmophoto

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