Track Of The Day: EMA – ‘Dark Shadows’

EMA – aka Erika M. Anderson – returns to Europe next week to tour with Depeche Mode, but before she shares the stage with the iconic 80s band, she’s found time to share her new single from her upcoming EP, Outtakes From Exile, set for release on 2nd February via City Slang.

‘Dark Shadows’ is a blend of hazy vocals, sharply produced beats and opulent electronics, inspired by the film 20th Century Women. “I wrote ‘Dark Shadows’ for the film,” EMA explains. “I was intrigued by the premise — badass women living in 1970s Santa Barbara getting into punk. That’s all I knew! I wrote the song with that in mind. I think of it as a survivor song, someone leaving a dark past behind, emerging again into the world. Whoever it is, they’re definitely wearing sunglasses.”

Sitting comfortably in what she calls “The Outer Ring” of society – the zone between the country and the city, both literally and figuratively – EMA’s sound oozes an unease and intensity inspired by “material that speaks truth to power.” Rather than agonise, she organises synths and vocals to express her resistance against poverty and inequality – all whilst wearing those super cool shades she mentions.

Listen to ‘Dark Shadows’ below and follow EMA on Facebook for more updates.

Pre-order your copy of Outtakes From Exile here.

Kate Crudgington

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