LISTEN: Soirées – ‘Borderline’

Filled with “dreamy R&B soundscapes and bouncy alt-pop rhythms,” South London duo Soirées have shared their latest single ‘Borderline’ via Parisian label Kitsuné. Following a series of collaborations on their respective projects SB and Blueyes, the duo spent a year immersed in songwriting sessions at their South London studio.

Inspired by the “cultural melting pot” of their surroundings, Soirées’ understated production and ethereal vocals blend together with harmonious ease. Speaking about their new track, Producer/songwriter Sam Bartlett explains: “‘Borderline’ gives an insight into someone striving to achieve a personal milestone, who hasn’t quite got there yet.”

Vocalist Bronagh added: “Sam and I just wanted to get back to having fun with music without thinking too much about it. After a few months, we were sat on a pile of songs that we loved too much to keep to ourselves, and that’s where the idea to form Soirées came in.”

Listen to ‘Borderline’ below, and follow the band on Facebook for more updates.

Kate Crudgington

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