WATCH: Alice Bag – ’77’

If you need something inspiring to motivate you during these ridiculously cold, and depressingly dark, times, then look no further. Punk legend Alice Bag has brought together a dream team if ever there was one – Riot Grrrl queens Kathleen Hanna and Allison Wolfe, plus an appearance from Shirley Manson – to bring us the perfect angst-driven anthem.

Much like Dolly Parton’s 1980 proto-feminist workplace comedy ‘9 to 5′, ’77’ comments on the gender pay gap that still plagues society nearly forty years after the country star’s film theme-song. With a fantastically tongue-in-cheek video that sees Hanna, Wolfe and Bag each fake typing in coloured wigs, the women not only rage that “I make 77 cents and it’s not right / It’s bad for women!”, but make the point that “it’s worse if you’re not white” and insist that “it’s time for change…”

Filled with seething, punk-driven riffs, ’77’ is an empowering, inspiring call to arms to unite against the patriarchy and make the changes needed for equality, in the workplace and beyond. As Bag poignantly sneers “… don’t pretend that we’re paid equal… You wrote the script / But I’m writing the sequel.”

Watch the wonderful video for ’77’ here:

Blueprint, the upcoming album from Alice Bag, is out 23rd March.

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