First Timers Fest Hosts Workshops For Aspiring Musicians

Held at the inclusive, accessible and volunteer-run DIY Space For London, First Timers is a season of musical workshops, followed by an evening of gigs, where every band plays its first show. First Timers’ main priority is about getting new faces and voices in bands, and doing something about the lack of diversity in the make-up of the DIY music community.

Aiming to ensure inclusivity, First Timers wants to ensure people of all genders, abilities and backgrounds get involved, and promotes a welcoming environment for anyone who may not have ever played a musical instrument. Giving people a chance to experience their first gig in a really supportive environment, it encourages coming together and learning in a non-elitist way.

Workshops are available in the following: Drums, Vocals, Bass, Guitar, Synthesisers, Songwriting, Beat-boxing.

The next workshops, taking place this Sunday 11th March, will be drums with Jen Calleja (Feature) and Tamsin Mi (ES) at 1-3pm and Pedals with Nadia (Jellie Rolls). Visit the First Timers Facebook page for full details of all upcoming workshops.

First Timers Festival 2018 will take place on 5th and 6th May.

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