Track Of The Day: Riè – ‘Benevolent Creature’

Having relocated to the UK following a successful career in Tokyo being signed to Sony Japan, Riè (pronounced ‘ree-ay’) delivers her pulsating new single ‘Benevolent Creature’.

With elements of inspiration from the likes of Björk, ‘Benevolent Creature’ deconstructs the way in which humanity faces up to its problems via pulsing, electronic beats. A melancholic piano score reels us into Riè’s world as subtle harmonies – coupled with distant violins – take us on a journey with her through otherworldly landscapes. As soon as the beat drops however, the fantasy transforms into a pulsating electronic anthem.

‘Benevolent Creature’ goes beyond the scope of traditional pop due to its powerful message -remaining strong to tackle our issues head on: “You don’t need to hold it back, pretend it’s fine when you want to scream out loud”, Riè tells us. The heightened pace of the bridge is suggestive of the anxieties we face in life, but as the tempo drops back down again, the listener is soothed once more. With ‘Benevolent Creature’ Riè demonstrates a gentle power which succeeds in lifting both our mood and our personal outlooks.


‘Benevolent Creature’ is out now. Catch Riè live at The Finsbury on 27th March.

Nicky Lee-Delisle

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